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A Certain Becca Lacquer 'Joop-iter' Cuticle Oil, Acetone Additive, or Lotion

£3.50 GBP - £11.00 GBP

A dupe of the popular men's Joop aftershave - an oriental cinnamon scent with sandalwood, tonka, vanilla, and sweet musks.

Available in the following products:
- Cuticle Oil Brush Pen (3ml)
- Cuticle Oil Rollerball (10ml)
- Cuticle Oil Doe Foot (10ml)
- Cuticle Oil Dropper Refil (30ml)
- Acetone Additive (30ml)
- Hand & Body Cream (100ml & 250ml)

Please note that there is a cap of 15 on the rollerballs due to supply issues.

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